Chippin Fearless Females

To celebrate women’s history month, we’re spotlighting some of the fearless females of our Chippin community and the incredible business, organizations, and initiatives that they started. 

Here is Melina & her dog Leo. Melina is the founder of Keaton offers a thoughtfully-designed work pant created by women, for women. 

What inspires/motivates you?
I am inspired to solve problems for working women. I've always loved fashion but hated my workwear. Women's workwear tends to lack functionality (wrinkles easily, needs dry cleaning, lacks pockets), and style. After learning that many women feel the same way, I decided to address these concerns to create a pant that women love wearing to work. We recently launched with The Perfect Pant at
What advice would you give to women interested in entrepreneurship?
It is my tendency to hold back on putting things out in the world because they aren't perfect. I'm in the process of learning that it's okay (and often better) to share things earlier and get feedback from customers vs. waiting until I've achieved "perfection." I try to engage customers very early by getting their feedback on color selection, product design, and content ideas.
You must be very busy as a founder! How does Leo fit into your life?
Leo is my 8-month-old miniature dachshund. It is definitely a bit crazy juggling startup life and a new puppy, but playing with Leo is the perfect opportunity to take a mental break, step away from electronics, and enjoy the outdoors. When things are stressful, his cuddles are the best antidote!
--Melina & Leo
Here at Chippin, we LOVE "The Perfect Pant" ❤️take a look and see the incredible things Melina & her team have been working on. 
Happy International Women's Month to all of our Chippin champs, dog moms & phenomenal women.  🐶 ❤️ 💃🏻

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