Five Reasons to try Chippin.


Sustainably sourced protein.

Dog nutrition can be confusing. We keep it simple. We partner with small to medium sized farms to directly source sustainable, humanely harvested protein.



Science-backed nutrition!

We combine each protein with nutrient rich, ancient grains, fruits, and vegetables to provide optimal health benefits. Chippin is rich in omega-3 and scientifically proven to support gut health.


Picky pup & sensitive-tummy approved

We leave out proteins that can upset dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies so that all dogs can enjoy our food without concern.


(Together) we reduce the carbon pawprint 🐾

We The production of traditional pet food is resource intensive. Our products use 80% fewer resources, Chippin is delicious and planet saving. Because you and your dog can change the world!.


Your dog will love Chippin.

Our snacks don’t just smell and look good - they taste good too. Unlike traditional dog treats, which often rely on scent to make dog owners think they taste good, Chippin snacks are human-tested, so we know exactly what they taste like. We guarantee your dog will go wild for them (and there’s a fair chance that you might be tempted to try them too).

Not sure which flavor your dog will love? No worries.

With four flavors to try, we're sure your pup will find their perfect treat.

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