Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the dog pawrents in your life? We’ve assembled some of our favorite gifts that any sustainably-minded pet parent would love to receive (and so would their pup!).

Below we've highlights some small businesses and minority-owned brands that you can support this howliday season.  



High-Value Training Treat Bundle

Our jerky treats are a fan-furavorite and have become a staple among new puppy parents as they work to train their dog. This bundle comes with two bags of Copi Fish jerky and two bags of cricket jerky, as well as a convenient treat tin made from infinitely recyclable stainless steel.

These jerky treats are designed to be easily broken up so trainers can do multiple repetitions of a command while rewarding their dogs with a high value treat! They can also be easily hidden in toys or puzzles.

Each 5 oz bag contains about 30 treats and saves over 150 gallons of water!



Custom Coffee Mug

These adorable custom mugs feature a sketch of your dog! After uploading a photo of your dog, the artist sketches out your custom illustration and prints it on a coffee mug. Pawfect for taking coffee on the go for your morning walks.



Herzog Collar

Made from recycled water bottles, these handmade dog collars are made from quality materials including waterproof silicone and recycled ripstop. They are stain resistant, scratch proof, antibacterial, and PVC free!


Little Pine Climbing Rope Leash

These upcycled leashes are made with re-purposed climbing ropes and climbing hardware clasps for durability you can count on. They come in four different sizes and four different colors!



Treat Starter Pack

Did you know chicken and beef are the two most common allergens for dogs? They also tend to sneak their way into a lot of pet products. Chippin’s treat starter pack features three different allergy-friendly proteins that also happen to be kind to the planet!

Antioxidant biscuits are packed with human-grade cricket protein, a natural prebiotic fiber to support gut health. Blueberries and bananas are rich in antioxidants to reduce inflammation and support joint health!

Spirulina biscuits are full of healthy veggies, natural fiber, and the most nutrient dense blue-green algae on earth--Spirulina! It's a natural probiotic to keep your dog's tummy happy.

Silver Copi Jerky Treats are packed with omega-3s for a shiny coat and healthy brain functioning. No mercury here! Copi fish are vegetarian-eating and top-feeding.


Cricket Daily Food

No meat meals or byproducts in our cricket protein dehydrated daily dog food! This recipe contains all natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals to keep dog’s happy and healthy! It has all 10 essential amino acids that dogs need to thrive and is packed with omega-3s to support a healthy coat and natural prebiotic fiber to support healthy digestion.

The dehydrated recipe is fresh and convenient! Just add warm water and wait three minutes for a planet-friendly, homemade meal that is allergy-friendly and dog’s love!



Mollymutt Stuffable Bed

This Mollymutt Stuffable Dog Bed is made for you to fill with your own clothes and textiles. It comes with a breathable 100% cotton canvas cover and naturally saves waste by keeping your old clothes, towels, and other textiles out of landfills. The best part? It smells like you and will help keep your dog calm when you’re away from home.



Chippin Mega Bundle

There’s something for every dog in our new, limited edition Mega Bundle! Pawfectly giftable, the Mega Bundle contains all Chippin’s planet-friendly products in one delicious bundle! Jerky treats and crunchy treats feature three different allergy-friendly proteins: cricket, spirulina, and silver copi fish. Split it up to gift to different dogs in your life or give as one gift! In addition to all of CHippin’s treats, the bundle also includes a packet of our human-grade cricket protein topper, our cricket daily food, and our Pawsitive Vibes Tin made from infinitely recyclable aluminum.



Spirulina Dailies

Vegan dog treats are hard to find! Spirulina Dailies are a veggie packed crunchy treat featuring kale, carrots, and spirulina — one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Spirulina is a vegan form of protein and source of daily greens. These tasty treats can also be served as a meal topper to give dogs a little boost of probiotics and healthy veggies.



BARKE Shampoo Bars

Barke bars are the pawfect package-free alternative for getting your dog nice and clean! Designed for all dog skin types, these bar soaps are naturally formulated to help your best friend look and feel fresh! With every bar sold, there is one less single-use plastic dog shampoo bottle out there. They come in two different scents and are plant-based, paraben free, SLS-free, gluten free and vegan!


Sweetgum Compostable Cloths

These compostable washcloths can be used for six months before throwing them in the compost! Made from all natural fibers, these sponge cloths work better than paper towels or sponges at cleaning up messes. Use them to wipe your dog’s paws, wipe up after meal time, or clean up any accidents. They have many designs but we’re partial to the dog collection.



WestPaw Chew Toys

These super strong chew toys are made from recycled materials! Since Westpaw has been around, they’ve kept over 16 million plastic bottles out of landfills. They have 10 different toys that are pawfect for heavy chewers or hiding treats!



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