high quality pet food. low carbon pawprint.

Chippin.  All-natural dog treats with hypoallergenic, sustainable proteins. Made in the USA.

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We're a small business on a mission to make pet food nutritious, delicious and planet-friendly.

Chippin dog treats are made with sustainable and hypoallergenic superfood proteins: cricket and spirulina.

We can wear sustainable clothes, drink from reusable straws and eat plant-based burgers. Why have our four-legged family members been left out?



Training treat, reward, or meal topper to support your dog's gut health. 

We directly source human-grade cricket protein and spirulina so your dog can eat complete protein without the high carbon pawprint.

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Every Chippin product is carefully crafted with:

Vet-formulated nutrition

Developed with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to address specific nutritional needs.

High-quality ingredients

Made in the USA with human-grade cricket and spirulina protein plus curated ingredients. 

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Chip in for our pets and planet.

every year pet food produces

64M tons of greenhouse gases

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Hear what Chippin Champs are saying

Big help for dry skin and digestion! 

Chippin is my favorite dog treat brand! The ingredients are all natural and sustainable (can I get a heck yeah for the environment?!)


Our dog loves these!

These are the perfect treats for any dog! The fact that these treats are sustainable and all-natural is a huge plus. Would highly recommend to any dog owner looking to purchase treats for their dog while being environmentally friendly!


Great for allergies!

Besides it being good for the environment, my dog is allergic to chicken and his diet consists mainly of venison, so this is a great protein source for him. No more allergic reactions!


Oven-baked treats made in small batches with all-natural ingredients.







Sweet Potato


How to Chippin?

Training treat. Meal topper. Snack.

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