It’s all about pets and their people “chipping in” to help save the planet. We make high-quality, drool-worthy products that use 80%+ fewer resources.

the eco pawprint is real.

If considered their own country, usa pets rank 5th in global meat consumption.

What if we could change this? What would our dogs do?

Pets for the Planet

The protein we eat is the greatest driver of our “eco pawprint” on land use, oceans, air quality and biodiversity.


more than 80% of the amazon deforestation is for cattle ranching. an area 20x the size of manhattan was slashed from january to april 2020.

Air Quality

animal agriculture causes more than 40% of hooman methane emissions, a greenhouse gas with more than 20x the global warming potential as co2.

Ocean Health

over one third of fish stocks are overfished, and bycatch is killing dolphins, sea turtles and whales.


We are in the “6th extinction.” Extinction rates are up to 1,000 times faster than their natural rate.

we think it’s time we chip in.

save the earth. it’s the only planet with dogs.

High quality pet nutrition powered by planet friendly proteins that our dogs love.