Sustainable Silver Carp: High Quality Fish Protein for Your Dog

By Team Chippin

Sustainable Silver Carp: High Quality Fish Protein for Your Dog

Silver carp is a high quality form of protein that dogs love! It is extremely nutritious and is super tasty. Never heard of it? That may be because there’s not a large demand for silver carp in the United States. At Chippin, we are shifting that to create an industry to pull this overpopulated fish from our waterways.

What is the silver carp problem?

Silver carp are an invasive species in the US. First introduced in the 1970’s to help control algae growth in aquaculture and wastewater treatment ponds, they made their way into surrounding waterways. 

Due to lack of native predators and an extremely high reproduction rate—females lay up to 5 million eggs per year!—silver carp have established massive populations in the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois rivers. They’ve created extreme competition for food sources for native species, destroying biodiversity in these waterways.

Low Carbon Pawprint

Status quo fishing operations cause high levels of bycatch that harm marine wildlife and lead to overfishing of commonly used fish, like salmon and whitefish. By fishing for silver carp, Chippin is helping to restore wildlife biodiversity, protect vulnerable fish populations, and protect the Great Lakes and the communities that depend on them. 

We’ve partnered with a woman-owned, eco-fishery in Kentucky to help remove this fish from our waterways. A zero-input protein source, silver carp has no associated methane emissions or added water needs for farming.

High Quality

Chippin’s wild-caught silver carp is sourced from eco-friendly fisheries that catch all-natural, human grade silver carp. Rich in omega-3 and 6, it’s great for skin and coat health. It is also highly digestible (more than chicken!) and a complete source of protein that our dogs need. Silver carp is a vegetarian fish that is clean and doesn’t hold on to toxins! This high quality fish is a delicious eco-friendly seafood option!

Check out our silver carp jerky!

You and your dog can help chip in with us to reduce the eco pawprint. With each bag of Silver Carp Jerky bought, you are helping to restore biodiversity and protect the Great Lakes ecosystem! Two paws up!

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