Why Cricket Protein is the Superfood Your Dog Needs

By Team Chippin

Why Cricket Protein is the Superfood Your Dog Needs

We know what you're thinking. Crickets are often overlooked as a source of protein in western states, but across the globe, they’ve been providing nutrition to people and animals for centuries. 

Are dogs allowed to eat crickets? 

Insects are a healthy food consumed by people around the globe. And if our pets were in the wild, no doubt they would be munchin’ on some bugs! But are crickets good for dogs? Protein is a core part of the diets of our furry friends. Unlike traditional dog foods that are often crafted with beef, chicken, and other common food allergens for dogs, cricket protein is a hypoallergenic alternative protein that provides necessary nutritional benefits while still tasting delicious. Rich in omega-3s, cricket protein benefits dogs’ skin and coat health. It also is packed with prebiotic fiber, supporting a healthy gut and digestive system.

Where does Chippin get their cricket protein?

Chippin sources their cricket protein from a family-owned farm in Canada to ensure the highest quality protein for our pets. At Entomo, they recognize the importance of treating crickets humanely and believe that there is a kind way to care for the insects at their farm. Entomo developed Cricket Condos, homes that allow crickets to live their lives in a way that mimics how they would live in the natural world. They’re harvested humanely towards the end of their life cycle, after temperatures are lowered and they fall into a deep sleep.

Why is cricket a planet-friendly protein?

Did you know that if considered their own country, USA pets would rank 5th in global meat consumption? With over 64 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment from pet food production alone, the current system is simply not sustainable for our planet. 

It only requires 1 gallon of water to produce 1 pound of cricket protein, whereas it takes around 2,000 gallons of water to produce the same amount of beef protein. Cricket farming not only has no methane emissions, but it also drastically reduces the amount of farmland required and therefore preserves the environment. By choosing to incorporate cricket into our treats, we are “chippin in” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet. Crickets are the future of pet food, and we are the start. 

How to add cricket protein to your dog’s diet?

Several of our products include nutritious and fiber-rich cricket protein that is sure to make your dog drool. Our Cricket Dehydrated Daily Food is a complete and balanced meal that supports gut health and digestion. Our cricket jerky serves as a soft, high reward treat that is great for training or to hide in toys. Our cricket topper can be sprinkled on your pet’s food, turned into a broth, or turned into a spreadable paste. Finally, our Superfood, Antioxidant, and Smokehouse BBQ biscuit treats are a crunchy snack or delicious meal topper for your pup to enjoy. Grab some today! 

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