What is Dehydrated Dog Food? How Is It Different From Kibble?

By Team Chippin

What is Dehydrated Dog Food? How Is It Different From Kibble?

Dehydrated food is made through the simple process of drying ingredients like carrots, apple, and kale with warm air until the moisture is removed. Compared to traditional kibble made by high heat extrusion, which is made quickly under very high temperature and pressure, dehydrated food is a minimally processed food option. When it is time to put dinner on the table for your dogs, just add warm water to the dehydrated food and allow it to rehydrate for a few minutes. It’s then ready to eat!

Is Dehydrated food good for my dog? How does dehydrated food compare to kibble, raw, and freeze-dried?

Dehydrated food goes a long way in your pup’s digestive and nutritional health. The process of dehydration is one of the oldest ways of preserving food.Kibble often has added preservatives and fillers, sometimes with sprayed on nutrients (and coloring!) after it’s been processed at a high temperature and pressure. Dehydrated food retains nutrients and protein in the drying process, preserving it naturally. This is similar to freeze-dried food, which captures almost all of the original nutrients due to the freezing and drying process. Although freeze-dried food is harder to digest due to the low moisture content. Raw food also produces similar benefits, but comes with the risk of harmful bacteria present in raw meat. With dehydrated food, dogs receive the benefits of a protein-packed and highly digestible food while staying clear of heavy processing, chemical additives, and food pathogens.

Is dehydrated food easy to use?

Luckily, dehydrated food is not only easy on your puppy’s tummy, but it is easy for you to store and prepare. Its low moisture content makes it an excellent option for storage and has a shelf life comparable to most kibbles. There is no refrigeration or freezing required either, unlike raw or fresh food. A big plus to dehydrated food is its dry weight while packaged. A 3.5 pound bag of Chippin’s dehydrated food might actually add up to 10.5 pounds of consumable food. Since there is no water weight involved, the food is more efficient to ship. By choosing not to ship unnecessary water weight, less fuel is used and less CO2 is emitted during the transportation process – an added benefit to Chippin’s commitment to sustainability!

How do I prepare dehydrated food for my dog?

It’s incredibly easy to prepare dehydrated food for your dog! Using the feeding chart on the back of the packaging, scoop out the amount of dry food your pup needs for one meal. Add the same amount of warm water. Mix well and allow it to sit for 3 minutes to rehydrate. Serve to your pup!

You can also double the recipe to prepare an entire day’s worth of food, and place half the portion in the fridge for your dog to eat later. Most pups will enjoy the warm, fresh taste of their food, so if you have the time to prepare it before each meal, they’ll love it even more. 

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