Vegan Spirulina is the Pawfect Prebiotic for Your Dog

By Team Chippin

Vegan Spirulina is the Pawfect Prebiotic for Your Dog

Considering plant-based superfood proteins for your dog’s diet? Spirulina is a nutrient dense, vegan protein often enjoyed by hoomans in smoothies, supplements and lattes!  It's great for your dog too! Adding spirulina to your dog’s diet is safe and healthful way to boost immune system health, omega 3s and humane protein.

What is spirulina? 

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is 55% protein. Spirulina is considered to be one of the first life forms on earth. This superfood was used by the Aztecs due to its high nutrient density to treat diseases.

At Chippin, our Spirulina Dailies treats are packed with California-grown and human grade spirulina. We directly source our spirulina from Earthrise, the oldest spirulina farm in the USA. 

How is spirulina a superfood for our dogs?

Spirulina has the 10 essential amino acids your dog needs, and they are bioavailable. It's a science-backed source of more digestible protein than chicken. Spirulina is a beneficial addition to the diets of all dogs, especially senior dogs. Spirulina is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, providing immune system support for your dog. It is also a prebiotic that supports gut health and is rich in omega-3s for a soft and shiny coat. 

Chippin’s spirulina farm, Earthrise, is vertically integrated, and has labs on site that allow for full quality control processes at the farm. Grown in the remote California desert, the air is clean (far from any urban environment), the spirulina is free from toxins and heavy metals you’d find in other foods. There are also no pesticides or antibiotics involved in the process. :) 

How is Chippin’s spirulina grown?

Spirulina is grown in massive ponds (each greater than a football field) that are filled with spirulina and water. Spirulina grows with a steady combination of SoCal sunlight and CO2. Earthrise’s location in the 100°F desert powers the March to November farming season. The hot and arid climate is the perfect condition for spirulina to grow and Earthrise to safely process the spirulina. Large paddles, powered by renewable energy, keep the spirulina-packed water fresh until it’s harvest time. At harvest, it takes 15 minutes to move from pond to powder: water is drawn from the pond, the pond water is filtered, spirulina is extracted and dehydrated on a filter belt that forms a spirulina “cake,” and then it goes into a dryer!

What's eco-friendly about spirulina?

With the farm's location out in the middle of the desert, the 180 acre farm is located on non-arable land that cannot be used for other agricultural activities. The spirulina is also far less resource intensive compared to traditional protein farming. Fifty percent of the spirulina farm's energy is from renewable sources. The water used to farm spirulina is "recycled" throughout the farming season. When the spirulina is extracted from a pond, the water goes right back into it. Spirulina is a carbon sink and at Earthrise, the spirulina absorbs purified CO2 that's a byproduct from oil refineries. This superfood protein uses CO2 and produces oxygen. There are NO methane emissions!

Do dogs like the taste of spirulina?

It may surprise some, but dogs love the taste of green veggies, spirulina include! In fact, pet owners have shared that once they introduced our Spirulina Dailies into their dog's diet, their dogs stopped eating grass and had happier tummies.

How to easily add spirulina to your dog’s diet? 

Check out the Chippin Spirulina Dailies treats. These are veggie packed and vegan for an added boost of nutrients your dog craves. Easily breakable, these oven baked crunchy treats are perfect for training, crumbled on top during mealtime or are great for daily snacking. The tasty treats are sure to have tails wagging and are a win-win you can feel good about feeding your four-legged family member.

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