Supporting Small Farms, Not Big Meat

By Team Chippin

Supporting Small Farms, Not Big Meat

Did you know that just four companies are responsible for 80% of meat production in the USA?

The markets for pork, beef, and poultry are monopolized by these four multi-billion dollar companies (1). Due to their size, little competition, and America’s dependence on meat, these four companies are largely contributing to the grocery store prices we see today and the environmental impact of animal agriculture. In fact, these companies have had a 500% increase in their net income since the pandemic began (2). As the major players in the meat industry, they set the stage for the future, as small farmers struggle to keep up. 

What does meat production have to do with pet food? 

At a reduced rate, these companies are able to sell animal byproducts to pet food companies that then render protein and fat from the ingredients to include in the big box pet food we see on shelves today. Bones, beaks, internal organs, hooves, blood, feathers… you get it. These byproducts are melted down at extreme temperatures to create rendered fat and protein. Any whole ingredients that are included are often baked at extremely high temperatures to ensure that disease and bacteria are killed. How is this healthy? It’s not. The vitamins and minerals are added back in after the fact, and flavored is sprayed on to ensure pups dogs actually want to eat it.

How does meat production impact the environment?

We know that if USA pets were their own country, they would rank fifth in global meat consumption. What we forget is that the meat being consumed by our pets is not the quality we imagine. If our pets are contributing to the climate crisis, and not even receiving the nutrition they deserve, why continue to support Big Meat and thus, further harm to the environment? 

It doesn’t make sense to us either. And that’s why we can’t wait to bring you our new daily food recipes. No big meat, one low carbon pawprint, and all the nutrients your pup needs to support a long healthy life cycle.


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