What Pill Pockets are best for Allergies?

By Chippin Time

What Pill Pockets are best for Allergies?

How do I get my dog to eat their medicine? What are the best pill pockets for dogs? Do pill pockets have nutritional value? Why do pill pockets all have chicken in them?! These are just a few of the questions we've received from pawrents.

Chippin’s Pill Pods are a tasty and healthy way to turn medicine time into treat time! Our easy and stress-free pill pods are free of common allergens and use easy-to-digest cricket protein 

What is a Pill Pocket?

A pill pocket is a dog treat that is designed to disguise medication or supplements. It is designed for picky dogs to mask the taste, smell and appearance of your dog’s pills. Pill pockets are an easy way to make pill time fun and ensure that your dog takes their daily medicines.

Are Pill Pods Good For Dogs?

Traditional pill wraps and pockets contain artificial ingredients and no nutritional value. Many also are made from allergy-causing protein sources like chicken and beef. Chippin’s Pill Pods are all-natural, featuring human-grade cricket protein and sourced from a family farm in Canada. Cricket protein is a gut-healthy form of protein containing prebiotic fiber to support healthy digestion. Pill Pods are drool-worthy and tasty with real veggies including sweet potato and carrot. 

How Do I Use Pill Pods?

Pill Pods are easy to use and can disguise any pill, tablet or capsule. Just follow the three easy steps below for a fun medication time!

Are There Sustainable Pill Pockets for Dogs?

Yes! Pill Pods are planet friendly and help to reduce land use consumption. Eighty percent of deforestation is caused by animal agriculture—a top threat to the Amazon rainforest. This vital ecosystem absorbs carbon emissions and is key to curbing the rise of global temperatures. Traditional pill pods are commonly made with beef and chicken, but Chippin’s Pill Pods are made with humanely-sourced cricket protein. Cricket farming requires little land use and does not contribute to deforestation. By swapping your pups daily medicine pockets for Pill Pods you are helping to reduce deforestation and drive pawsitive change for our planet!

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