High Value Training Treats

By Team Chippin

High Value Training Treats

When getting started with training, especially for reactive dogs, using high-value treats is the key to long term training success. Dogs can more easily learn the command-reward concept when the best treats are reserved for training sessions.

What treats should I use for dog training? 

Training treats should be incredibly tasty, low-calorie, and bite-sized. This enables multiple repetitions without having to pause for extensive chew time, while limiting calorie intake. Chippin’s jerky treats are easy to break into tiny pieces and some of the highest-value treats you can find—we’ve even been told they’re more effective than beef and cheese! Try out our two soft and savory flavors for your next training session. 

Bonus: they’re the perfect choice for dogs with allergies to beef or chicken. 

Silver Copi Jerky Treat: Featuring a sustainable fish and tasty sweet potato, this treat is loved by dog trainers for their ability to capture dogs' attention. Packed with all 10 essential amino acids and omega-3s, not only are they great for training but they support coat and skin health. Plus, they won’t leave your hand greasy or smelly!

Cricket Jerky Treat: Packed with dog-favorite cricket protein, sweet potato and carrots, our Cricket Jerky is a go-to for agility training. This smokey, attention-grabbing treat is more digestible than chicken and the pawfect motivation for training your furry friend.

How do I use jerky treats for training?

Our jerky treats come in large pieces that are easily  broken into small pieces.Why did we design them this way? Instead of carrying around a handful (or pocketful) of small treats, you can bring one to two pieces of jerky to your training session and tear off small pieces with each repetition you and your dog complete. They’re easier to hold, cleaner in your pocket, and freshly tearing off a piece of the treat releases fresh scents that will excite your dog!

What other ways can I use the jerky treats?

Your dog will crave our jerky treats once you start using them! Outside of training, here are a few other uses:

Pill Pockets: Our Cricket Jerky treats are particularly soft and malleable. If your pup is on any prescribed medication or allergy medicines but is a bit finicky when it comes to taking them, our jerky treats can be molded around the pill to camouflage it!

Toy Stuffers: Since they’re easy to break up, our jerky treats are perfect for shoving inside bones, toys, and puzzles!

High-Reward Scenarios: If your dog is particularly anxious or uneasy in specific situations, high reward treats can help pivot their attention toward something good (and delicious!). Thunderstorms, walks, crate-training, and alone time can all spark anxiety in some dogs. Providing a distraction and high-value treat that is reserved for scary situations can help!

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