Introducing Copi! New Name, Same Delicious Fish

By Team Chippin

Introducing Copi! New Name, Same Delicious Fish
Our favorite Silver Carp fish received a new name on June 22, 2022. Using a tried-and-true strategy for encouraging consumption, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced a new name for the delicious fish: Copi. A play on the word “copious,” the new name for the Silver Carp fish is a pivotal step in addressing public misconceptions about this healthy, top-feeding fish.

Often confused with the bottom-feeding carp, Copi is a delicious white fish, packed with omega-3s and full of protein. The clean fish is savory, flaky, and easy to season when used in recipes. The new name is a conscious step forward in nourishing people and pets while restoring biodiversity to our waterways in the midwest.

While fish like salmon are overfished, silver carp is abundant in the USA. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, “20 million to 50 million pounds of Copi could be harvested from the Illinois River alone each year, with hundreds of millions more in waterways from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast.” That’s a copious amount of fish! We’re proud to be working alongside the state of Illinois to educate the public about Copi as it works its way into restaurants around the country.

Ever heard of the slimehead fish? (Now called orange roughy.) Or the Patagonian toothfish? (Now called Chilean sea bass.) Renaming a fish to sound more appealing to consumers is not a new thing. This strategy has been used over the years to ensure delicious and nutritious food receives the attention it deserves! We’re excited to be using Copi as our high-reward training treats and are eager to include it in more recipes in the future.

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