Does My Dog Need Prebiotics?

By Team Chippin

Does My Dog Need Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are the #1 ingredient to help digestion, boost the immune system, and stop diarrhea before it starts! 

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a food source for the microorganisms found in the gut. They increase the development of good bacteria which helps the body absorb nutrients from food, fight off disease, and boosts the immune system. They also support the growth of probiotics and improve digestion over all. 

Why does my dog need prebiotics?

We’ve all been there. Your dog has the 💩s and you have no idea what caused it or how to fix it. Prebiotics help prevent diarrhea because they keep the bacteria in the gut healthy! By doing so, this stops the growth of bad bacteria in the gut (the kind that causes gastrointestinal upset).

Outside of digestion, the prebiotics in a dog’s gut will help ensure their body is absorbing all of the nutrients and minerals in their food. This supports their ability to have a long, healthy life cycle. 

What foods have prebiotics in them?

Our team loves cricket protein because it’s an easy-to-digest protein that is also a natural prebiotic. On top of this, cricket protein is rich in fiber due to the exoskeleton of the insect. Soluble fiber is another ingredient that will help prevent and treat gastrointestinal issues as well as keep the digestive system regular. 

This power-house protein is in several of our treats AND is the star ingredient in our new Cricket Daily Food! 

  • Superfood Biscuit: Each bite is packed with peanut butter, pumpkin, cinnamon, and cricket protein! These tasty treats are rich in omega-3s and prebiotics.
  • Antioxidant Biscuit: Packed with cricket, blueberry and banana these antioxidant rich treats are sure to have tails wagging. Your pup won't even know they're getting a fiber-rich treat!
  • Cricket Jerky: Soft and chewy jerky treats packed with tasty cricket, sweet potato and carrots for gut health support. This tasty, attention-grabbing treat is more digestible than chicken and beef! It's perfect for training, as a toy stuffer, or a pill pocket.
  • Cricket Daily Food: This dehydrated, fresh recipe includes human-grade cricket protein sourced directly from a family farm in Canada. Combined with a curated selection of all natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals, we’ve got your dog covered with a gut healthy, complete & balanced drool-worthy recipe.

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