What are Upcycled Foods?

By Team Chippin

What are Upcycled Foods?

We all know our 3 Rs – reuse, recycle, reduce – but have you heard of upcycling? It is often overlooked as a practice even though, when it is done in a pawsitive way, it has the potential to significantly reduce our methane emissions. 

What exactly is upcycling?

The concept behind upcycled food models itself on the philosophy of doing more with less, and elevating all food to its highest and best use. 

According to upcycledfood.org, upcycled foods are made from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in a food waste destination like incinerators or landfills. About 8% of human caused greenhouse gasses come from food loss and waste – minimizing food waste is the single greatest solution to climate change according to Project Drawdown.

It's estimated that, globally, we lose about $1 trillion per year on food that is wasted or lost. Upcycled food captures that value, and leverages it to create a sustainable and resilient food system.

Myths about upcycled food

Upcycled food is often misunderstood. Let’s break down some of the myths surrounding it.

Myth #1: Upcycled foods only use use trash or leftover ingredients

Reality: While upcycled foods are made from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill, it does not mean that upcycled foods are made from ingredients that are leftover after consumption. Instead, it is safe and nutritious ingredients that are simply "not perfect," such as a weirdly shaped sweet potato. 

Myth #2: Upcycled foods are only fit for human consumption

Reality: Upcycled foods are like regular food! Humans can definitely consume them, but upcycled ingredients are also used in pet food, cosmetics, animal feed, and more.

What does being upcycled certified mean?

At Chippin, our Silver Carp Jerky Treats and our Cricket Jerky Treats are upcycled certified by the Upcycled Food Association. 

This means that our products are in line with the association’s mission to reduce food waste by growing the upcycled economy. Our products, and all upcycled foods, pride themselves on reducing food waste by creating high quality, nutritious food products from ingredients that would otherwise slip through the cracks of our food system.

What upcycled ingredients does Chippin use?

Both the Silver Copi Jerky and Cricket Jerky are upcycled certified! They have been crafted alongside the guidance of board certified vets and nutritionists and contain a variety of nutritious ingredients, including upcycled sweet potatoes! 

Rest assured these high quality treats are yummy, nutritious, and great for the environment.

How can you incorporate upcycled food into your daily life?

There are many ways to incorporate upcycled food and ingredients into your daily life. The easiest way is to be on the lookout for the upcycled certification.

And for the furiends in your life, our Cricket Jerky Treats and our Silver Copi Jerky Treats are a nutritious and upcycled option for them!

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