Meal Toppers for Your Dog

By Team Chippin

Meal Toppers for Your Dog

What is a dog food topper? 

A food topper is a tasty addition to your dog’s daily meal time! Toppers add variation to your dog’s diet! They can make any meal more exciting and flavor packed (plus it’s an added boost of nutrients - a win-win for dogs and pet parents). Dog food toppers can be anything from a dried powder topper, a healthy dog treat, or fresh fruits and veggies! 

Benefits of dog food toppers?

Dog food toppers are tasty, fun and a great way to add nutrients into your dog’s daily food! 

  • Helps picky eaters enjoy meal time
  • Helps with increased hydration, if turned into a broth. 
  • Is an added protein variation to your dogs diet
  • Adds a flavor boost to traditional kibble
  • Added vitamins and minerals (plus fruits and veggies)

Cricket topper?

Our drool-worthy cricket topper is made from cricket, sweet potato, pumpkin and apple cider vinegar! That’s it! Our cricket topper is made from human-grade, omega-3 rich cricket and is mixed with sweet potato, pumpkin and apple cider vinegar for digestion and gut support. 

How to use

The Chippin cricket topper can be used in three different ways! 

1. Sprinkle on top of your pup’s food.
Simply sprinkle the powdered topper on your dog’s food for a nutritious flavor addition.

2. Create a broth
Mix topper with water and pour over your dog’s food! This is great to add water to your dog’s diet. 

3. Create a spread (a peanut butter replacement!)
Mix powder with an equivalent amount of water! This will create a tasty spread that can be added to a chew toy or lick mat!

Check out our cricket topper!

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