We like to say Chippin is "picky dog approved." Dogs love the taste of our eco-friendly treats and food. We also offer a variety of products that cater to each dog's preferences, from crunchy biscuits to soft jerkies, with multiple protein options!

However, we know that every dog is different. If your pup doesn't like Chippin, reach out to us via email at hello@chippinpet.com within 30 days, so we can make it right! If you purchased treats, we're happy to help you find a product that your pup loves (either a different protein, or a different texture/format).

If you purchased food, please ensure a proper transition period took place and the dehydrated food was prepared correctly according to the transition guidelines we provide online and via email. Reach out to hello@chippinpet.com if you need any help with this! Ultimately, if your pup does not enjoy the food, let us know within 30 days and we'll arrange for the food to be sent back to us. We'll offer a refund on first-time orders minus the cost of shipping.

As a small business that offers free shipping on your order, we are unable to accept returns due to this being a food product. If your pup ultimately does not enjoy Chippin and you can't share the products with a furiend, we can offer a refund for your products minus the cost of shipping. 

We would love if you shared your Chippin with another fluffy furiend that may enjoy it to help avoid food waste.