Our recipes are formulated with PhDs and veterinary nutritionists

We believe that our dogs deserve high quality, nutritious, and tasty foods! At Chippin we work closely with experts in animal nutrition to craft each recipe to ensure your dog receives the nutrition he or she craves and requires.


When added to a healthy diet, Chippin treats support a healthy gut microbiome.

We partnered with Animal Biome, a group of microbiologists, to understand how Chippin snacks impact dog's gut microbiome. Your dog’s gut health is important and impacts immune system health, risk of disease and overall digestion. The small changes in a dog’s microbiome over the 30 day time point can be seen in the figure to the right. It has been confirmed that Chippin is packed with powerful ingredients that support a healthy level of diversity and bacterial community composition in the guts of dogs.


We conducted a study with researchers at the University of Illinois to compare the macronutrient, amino acid composition, protein quality and digestibility of cricket, spirulina and silver carp. Our protein sources were compared to that of traditional pet food proteins.

All Chippin protein sources have greater or comparable concentrations of indispensable (essential) amino acids in contrast with raw chicken. The standard amino acid digestibility of all protein were high indicating that these ingredients would be adequate protein sources in canine diets or treats. The digestible indispensable amino acid score for all Chippin proteins were over 100%, indicating that there are no limiting amino acids. Cricket, spirulina and silver carp are all nutritionally complete and a healthy ingredient in a balanced meal.

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Our Microbial Testing Process

We conduct protein, fat and moisture tests on every batch of Chippin products to ensure they meet our guaranteed minimums and maximums. We test the microbial content for each batch of food. This includes salmonella, listeria, mold and heavy metals. No Chippin product is sellable until a negative result is returned.

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Rigorous Certifications Required

We ensure that our manufacturing partners operate with best in class operating and safety standards. We manufacture our treats and food out of Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified level 3 facilites.

Dr. Beth Hamper

Veterinary Nutritionist

Board certified veterinary nutritionist who helps develop and oversee all Chippin products. DVM, PhD, DACVN (Diplomate to the American College of Veterinary Nutrition)

Dr. Holly Gainz


Conducted a gut health study on Chippin treats. Chippin has been scientifically proven to support a healthy gut microbiome!

Dr. Sydney Pokard


Dr. Sydney Pokard

Is a veterinary nutritionist available to answer my questions? Yes, we have a veterinary nutritionist available for questions regarding your dog’s health and diet. You can email us at hello@chippinipet.com with any questions, any time. Does your product meet AAFCO guidelines?

Yes, our products are formulated to comply with Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional guidelines and are regularly analyzed. Nutrient profiles are available.

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