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What are Omega3-s? Nutrition

What are Omega3-s?

An easy way to improve your dog's health and prepare them for their senior years is to ensure their daily diet includes omega-3 rich foods. 

Why is my dog eating grass? Nutrition

Why is my dog eating grass?

Ever wonder why your dog likes to graze outside and munch on the grass in your yard? When it comes to grass-eating, we have some helpful informatio...

Is Turkey Good for My Dog? Nutrition

Is Turkey Good for My Dog?

Turkeys receive a lot of attention in November! Since turkey is a common protein in some dog foods and treats, we researched how turkey stands up a...

High Value Training Treats ADVENTURES

High Value Training Treats

Training treats should be incredibly tasty, low-calorie, and bite-sized. This enables multiple repetitions without having to pause for extensive ch...